tiistai 12. huhtikuuta 2016


(Photos by Tanu Kallio & Meiju K-P)

Profilia shawl is now available for individual purchase! Read more from here and here. This design was initially available only in TréLiz knitting kit.

sunnuntai 10. huhtikuuta 2016

Mystery Shawl Knit-Along!

Welcome to join my very first Mystery Shawl Knit-Along (MKAL)! If you aren't familiar with mystery knitting I will tell you shortly what it is about. You will buy the pattern without seeing it. You will get the pattern clues in pre-scheduled times as a pattern update on Ravelry. You can discuss with other knitters and sign in to MKAL in my ravelry group. MKAL in group is going to see the most fun part, as you get to show off your WIP's and see WIP's of others.

The pattern is available with promotional price 3,50 € until 30th of April, after that it will go up to its normal price 4,50 €.

Pattern info also here.

By purchasing this pattern in April you will get pattern info PDF including info how to choose your yarn for this design and some other important info for the MKAL. This pattern includes two shawl options - a garter stitch version and a lace version. You will get the first clue of the pattern as pattern update on Ravelry on Sunday 1st of May and the rest of the clues as scheduled below.

Clue 1: Sunday, 1st of May
Clue 2: Friday, 6th of May
Clue 3: Thursday, 12th of May
Clue 4: Friday, 20th of May

Yarn & yardage:
Any fingering weight yarn is okay, you need three colors
Color A: 240 yds/219m
Color B: 150 yds/137 m
Color C: 150 yds/137 m

Prizes & fun:

Make sure you join the fun in my group, here. I am hosting the MKAL during May.
You have a chance to win yarn & pattern prizes if you share a photo of your finished shawl in MKAL thread in my group and finish your shawl by 31st of May. With the last clue you will automatically receive a surprise discount code. Yarn prizes are from Lanitium ex Machina and TréLiz.

Tervetuloa neulomaan ensimmäistä mysteerihuiviani! Osallistu keskusteluun ryhmässäni! Jos englanti ei suju, suomeksikin saa keskustella. Kun ostat ohjeen nyt, varmistat, että saat sen alehintaan. Oston yhteydessä saat neuvoja langanvalintaan ja muuta infoa mysteerihuivista. Ohjeen ensimmäinen vihje tulee Ravelryn ohjepäivityksenä 1.5.2016.

perjantai 25. maaliskuuta 2016

What to wear...

(Photos Tanu Kallio & Meiju K-P)

Sometimes I feel like I have nothing to wear. Do you share that feeling too? However I think that shawls are very good helpers in this problem. With a small shawl you will accessorise your outfit easily. This time I needed a shawl to go with my yellow bag.

This is a design with very addictive stitch pattern. It is a slip stitch pattern with quite easily memorizable repeat. The pattern works with both variegated and (semi)solid yarns. You will need one fingering weight yarn to get your shawl. You can continue the pattern repeat to get as large shawl as you need.

Pattern: What to wear with my Yellow Bag? by Meiju K-P
Yarn: Madelinetosh tosh sock (or any fingering weight yarn)
Needles: US4/3,5 mm

Joskus tuntuu siltä, ettei ole mitään päällepantavaa. Onneksi on huivit, koska niillä voi helposti asustaa melkein asun kuin asun. Tällä kertaa halusin huivin, joka mätsäisi keltaiseen laukkuuni. Tein kaksi, molemmat sopii. 

Huivissa on käytetty helppoa nostettujen silmukoiden mallineuletta, joka on koukuttavaa neulottavaa. Mallineule toimii sekä moniväristen, että yksiväristen lankojen kanssa. Tarvitset yhden vyyhdin fingering-painoista lankaa. Huivia voi myös suurentaa loputtomiin mallineuletta jatkamalla.

Huomio! Yksivärinen mallikappale on näytillä Snurressa Helsingissä huhtikuun ajan!

torstai 28. tammikuuta 2016


(Kuvat Tanu Kallio)

May I proudly present: Profilia! 

Last summer we were on a family holiday in Rhodes Islands. We were driving around the island and the mountains and there was this small village called Profilia and I wanted to name my shawl after that. The yarn for this shawl came from Greece, from talented dyer TréLiz. 

This shawl is a collaboration with luxurious hand dyed TréLiz yarns. You will get the pattern with a luxurious knitting kit, read more about the kit and preorder from here. Depending which kit you choose, you will get yarn, pattern, tote bag & needles. Kits are available only a limited time, until 15th of February 2016. Join the KAL (here) to knit your own gorgeous Profilia shawl! The KAL will run from 7th of March until 7th of April 2016. If you join the KAL you have a chance to win next upcoming TréLiz knitting kit.

I am a lazy knitter. In a sence that I hate weaving ends but love gorgeous results and this time I wanted to design a shawl that would be easy to knit but yet interested enough to keep the interest ‘til the end. I didn’t want to cut any yarns during the project, so this is a design with minimal finishing.   

This shawl is knitted from side to side. It is shaped with increases/decreases on the other edge and short-row wedges that shape the shawl into symmetrical shape. 

Pattern: Profilia by Meiju K-P
Yarn: TréLiz TréLiz 50% Superwash Merino 50% Silk, colorways: Silver, Mines of Moria, Ice Sky.
Needles: US4/3.5 mm

Pattern language: English!

Tämä huivi on tehty yhteistyössä kreikkalaisen värjärin TréLizin kanssa. Ohje on saatavilla vain hänen neulepaketissaan, joka valinnastasi riippuen sisältää langat ja ohjeen sekä puikot ja laukun. Lue lisää paketista täältä.

(Photos below by TréLiz)

sunnuntai 3. tammikuuta 2016

Summa Stripes Shawl and Kiela-patterns

Summa Stripes Shawl 4,50 €

Kiela Hat 4.50 €

Kiela Mittens 4.50 €

My Summa Stripes Shawl and Kiela Hat and Mittens are now available as individual purchase! Note! When purchasing both Kiela patterns: Kiela Hat and Kiela Mittens you will get 25% off at the check out. No coupon code needed!

Happy New Knit Year!

torstai 24. joulukuuta 2015

Advent Calendar Day 24: Beanie Surprise

Meiju Knits Advent Calendar, Day 24: Murre - free beanie pattern

I want to wish Merry Christmas to all with this free beanie pattern!

Murre is a a warm winter beanie, with easy and stretchy loop stitch pattern, just what you need for cold autumn and winter days for your kid. And why not for you too. Two brim options are provided: the earflap version and ribbed brim.

Note - this pattern hasn't been test knitted. If you find mistakes, please report to my email address and I will correct the pattern. Thanks!

Yarn: Madelinetosh tosh vintage
Needles: US8/5 mm & US6/4 mm

Hyvää joulua kaikille!

Murre on lämmin talvipipo, helppoa lenkkineuletta. Ohjeesta on kaksi eri versiota - korvaläppäversio ja resoriversio. 

Ohjetta ei ole testineulottu, mikäli huomaat virheitä, ilmoitathan niistä minulle sähköpostitse, joka löytyy ohjeesta. Kiitos!

keskiviikko 23. joulukuuta 2015

Advent Calendar, Day 23: Nina Machlin Dayton

Meiju Knits Advent Calendar 2015, Day 23: Nina Machlin Dayton

(Photo by Nina Machlin Dayton Designs)

Last but not least I would like you to meet one of the persons behind Gift-A-Long event. She is Nina Machlin Dayton, creative, compassionate, empowering person who works countless hours to make this event possible. As a fellow knitter and designer, I feel very grateful that there are people who make this happen. She thinks that Gift-A-Long is a great way to give back to the design community and to the community of customers who support indie designers and what we do. 

Nina's designs are timeless, engaging and fun. Her portfolio is full of designs that would make perfect gifts.

Ravelry name: ninaknits
Designer name: Nina Machlin Dayton

Nina tells about herself: 
I first learned to knit when I was 10 years old - just knit; not purl, cast-on, bind off, etc. After working endlessly on an enormous purple garter stitch muffler for my father I gave up. Then in my early 20’s I was dating a man whose mother and grandmother were enthusiastic knitters, and so, to get in their good graces, I asked them to teach me to knit. It was instant addiction. While that boyfriend didn’t last the knitting obsession did and 35+ years later is still going strong. My grandmother and mother were and are amazingly talented with any form of needlecraft, so maybe I come by the passion genetically.

I have been teaching and designing for over 30 years. I try to write my patterns with a clarity that makes them accessible to people at all skill levels - I believe that the best way to learn is to jump in with a pattern that you love, and I want to make sure that anyone can follow and make my patterns, even if they have never done a technique it uses before. I offer pattern support for all my designs and love to hear from people working on them.

tiistai 22. joulukuuta 2015

Advent Calendar, Day 22: Aet Terasmaa

Meiju Knits Advent Calendar 2015, Day 22: Aet Terasmaa

(Photo by Aet Terasmaa)

Beanies, mittens, shawls. You never can't have enough of them. Aet's designs are simple, straightforward and interesting to knit. She tries stitches that are new to her, boldly, but yet makes patterns that are easy to follow. 

Ravelry name: Asti
Designer name: Aet Terasmaa
Link to your designer page on Ravelry: http://www.ravelry.com/designers/aet-terasmaa

Asti tells about herself: Although I studied physics at university to become a physics teacher, I realized after having kids that I actually want to do something entirely different. I have been a fan of knitting and crocheting since childhood. I knitted my first simple rib scarf in kindergarten. During the years in secondary school I crocheted a lot of doilies and knitted sweaters for myself. So after staying home with kids for 6 years and working in LYS for 4 years after that I decided it was time to follow my passion. I’m full of new ideas, I just wish there was more hours in a day. :)