sunnuntai 30. marraskuuta 2014

TitiTyyssä tänään!

Olen mallikappaleideni kanssa tänään TitiTyyssä klo 16 asti! Ihana kauppa ja ihanat langat! Näytillä myös vielä julkaisematon Wasa Marin malli. 

torstai 27. marraskuuta 2014

Little Bonnet project

I am probably the most selfish knitter in the world. I like to knit to myself and when designing, they are always ideas that I like, of course. 

In the name of giftalong I have casted  on a little bonnet project where I am incorporating my Eagle Fern Bonnet design into Snowball Beanie. And I am boldly trying the Beanie in two colored version, which I haven't done before. Let's see how this turns out... I am using the lonely skeins from my stash.  


Itsekkäänä neulojana päätin kuitenkin aloittaa yhden lahjan giftalongin nimissä. Kokeilen Eagle Fern Bonnetin ja Snowball Beanien yhdistelmää ja vielä lumipallopioa kahdessa värissä. Katsotaan mitä tästä tulee. Käyttöön pääsivät jämäkerät.

sunnuntai 16. marraskuuta 2014

Indie Designer: Aphaia

As part of the Indie Design Gift-a-Long I had a chance to Interview a designer from Scotland. She has beautiful collection of fair isle accesories patterns in addition to other beautiful stuff for perfect gifting. Read the interview below.

1.       Your business Name and/or Designer name: K.M.Bedigan / Aphaia
2.       RavelryName: Aphaia
3.       Link to your Ravelry designer page:
4.       Blog:
5.       Facebook-page: N/A
6.       Twitter: @athenaaphaia
7.       Instagram: athenaaphaia     
8.       Pinterest: aphaiaknits
9.       Who are you? Tell me about yourself? I’m called Kirsten, originally from the North East of England but have lived for the last decade or so in Scotland (first in Glasgow, currently Edinburgh). I originally trained as an ancient historian and archaeologist, but for the last couple of years I have been freelancing in the arts and design field.
10.   How and when did you learn to knit/crochet? I can remember my Grandmother knitting when I was very little, and she taught me to knit. I think I finished one tiny scarf and promptly stopped. I began knitting again when I was at University and haven’t stopped since.
11.   What was your first design? My first design was actually one of my largest projects – the Kentigern Blanket – a big, steeked, colourwork blanket directly inspired by the patron saint of Glasgow.
12.   Your favorite material in yarn, your favorite yarn? I have a serious weakness for Jamieson & Smith 2 Ply Jumperweight – it is just so woolly and squishy, and perfect for colourwork. I also adore working with silk / wool blends.
13.   What inspires you, how do you find your inspiration? I tend to keep an eye out for patterns and interesting colour combinations, so those are a big influence. Sometimes the yarn will just tell me what it wants to be! My most recent shawl pattern, Tesserae, was a direct result of yarn inspiration! I saw the two colours together, loved the combination and the whole pattern was worked from there.
14.   Who is your idol in designing? I love Kate Davies' work, her colourwork combinations are so elegant.
15.   Describe your designing process? I tend to do a lot of working out in my head – I do use moodboards, sketches and swatches though if necessary. I can usually visualize a design pretty well, and then work out the details on how to actually make it. I’ll then usually make a sketch and notes and start swatching and knitting. If it doesn’t go the way I want it to, it gets frogged, reworked and I continue on.
16.   How difficult are your designs to knit? Are they for beginners, intermediate or for advanced knitters? I have a mix of patterns, some are more complex than others but I have several colourwork designs which are designed with beginners in mind.
17.   What makes you design more and more? Actually the more designs I have, the more I want to. I seem to have a backlog of pattern ideas but haven’t managed to get them down on paper or in the yarn yet!
18.   What is the best thing in designing? Seeing other knitter’s finished versions of my patterns. I love seeing the different colour combinations, yarn choices and styling options.
19.   What is the worst/the most difficult thing in designing? Not having enough time to knit!
20.   What is your own favorite from your own designs? Current favourite is Tesserae, though that is probably connected to the fact that both of the samples are only recently finished. I wear the two versions of Oculus I knit an awful lot.

lauantai 15. marraskuuta 2014

What to Gift-A-Long 2014?

Gift-A-long 2014 has started!!! It is time to cast on your gifts to your loved ones or to yourself. My 25% off GAL patterns (use coupon code "giftalong2014") are....

Gift-A-long 2014 on alkanut!!! On aika luoda silmukat lahjoihin tai omiin lahjoihisi. -25 % alessa ovat ohjeeni...

From March to May
Crescent shaped small shawl, featuring stockinette stitch and lace border.

 Snowball Cowl
Fun slip stitch pattern neck warmer. Make a snowball beanie too!

Girlie Summer Memories
Seamless, bottom up worked cardigan, with two sleeve options puff sleeves and 3/4 sleeves.

Glazed Pecan Hoodie
Almost seamless top-down hoodie with pockets and subtle cable details.

 Honey Waffle
Easy, but very fun stitch pattern, using technique knitting stitches rows below. Squishy, wide shawl.

Mom's Day Off
Triangle shaped shawl featuring stockinette st and lace. Lace can be a bit tricky, some lace experience recommended. 

Golden Adalin
Seamless top down cardigan with drop shoulder silhouette and boxy shape, perfect for layered outfits. 

Hiippa Pixie Bonnet Hat
Perfect hat for babies and children. Motifs are NOT included in the pattern. 

Pyry Cardigan
Seamless top-down cardigan with stripe pattern. Folded neck for extra warmth.

Snowball Beanie
Fun slip stitch pattern, fun and fast gift knit.

Easy Cardigan
Seamless cardigan worked from side to side. Basic cable skills needed. 

Perfect slip over for little guys. And for bigger ones too, sizes up to 12 years old.

Waffle Biscuit
Fun and fast knit, stretchy work with only one color in a row, one color at a time pattern.

Seamless top down cardigan for little people. Unisex model. 

Sweet Rosie
Almost seamless top down cardigan, only pocket linings needs to be sewn down from WS. Short rows and basket weave cables.

Waffles in February
Slightly crescent shaped triangle shawl with fun knit rows below stitch pattern. 

perjantai 14. marraskuuta 2014

Gift-A-Long 2014

It is time to start working with seasonal Gifts. I am participating as a designer in Indie Design Gift-A-Long at Ravelry. Join us at to participate. There will be hundreds of prizes (patterns, yarn etc.), see designs of your fave Designers and meet new Designers in GAL.

My gift to you is a 25% discount on spesific patterns when you use the coupon code “giftalong2014” from Nov 13 – Nov 21 EST (Thursday November 13th 8pm (US-EST) through Friday November 21 at 11:59 pm (US-EST)). You can see my discounted patterns in my Gift-a-long bundle, here: or look at the photo above!


Ravelryssa on aika taas Gift-A-Longin - on mahtavaa olla mukana suunnittelijana osa tätä kolmesatapäistä suunnittelijajoukkoa. Lahjoja neulotaan yhdessä ja yhteistuumin ryhmässä: Liity mukaan! Luvassa on satoja palkintoja (myös minun neuleohjeita). Mukana kymmeniä (ellei satoja) itsenäisiä suunnittelijoita.

Tietyt ohjeeni ovat -25 % alessa alekoodilla "giftalong2014" 13-21.11.2014 (US-EST Time eli 14.11. klo 01:00 aina 22.11. klo 04:00 asti). Näet alessa olevat ohjeeni yllä olevasta kuvasta tai Gift-a-long 2014 Bundlestani, täältä:

lauantai 8. marraskuuta 2014

Chicago and VKLive

In the end of October I had a chance to visit Chicago, Illinois, USA for Vogue Knitting Live event. What a city and what a trip! Me and my knitter friend were staying there almost six days, explored the city, did some shopping and of course knitted whenever we weren't doing anything else. And most importantly visited VKLive, took classes and lectures, and felt the atmosphere of marketplace. Met and made contacts with yarnies, LYS owners and other knitters. From Finnish perspective, everything seems bigger in USA. Photos tell more than thousand words...

Lokakuun lopussa lähdin neulojaystäväni kanssa matkalle Chicagoon (Illinois, USA) Vogue Knitting Live tapahtumaan ja katsomaan kaupunkia. Meillä oli todella hauska kuuden päivän matka, tutkittiin kaupunkia, käveltiin paljon, shoppailtiin ja neulottiin, kun ei tehty mitään muuta. Ja tietenkin se VKL, jossa osallistuttiin kursseille, luennoille ja ihmeteltiin markkinapaikkaa. Tavattiin toisia neulojia ja lankakauppiaita. Täältä katsottuna kaikki on suurempaa USAssa. Kuvat kertokoot enemmän.