WIP Wednesday

I have never done proper WIP Wednesday post and I hardly never show off my WIP's here in my blog, since they might turn to something else in the process of making that I originally planned. Instead, since I use Instagram almost on daily basis, you can see my WIPs there frequently. 

At the moment I have plenty of WIPs on my needles and some of them are actually finished but I consider them unfinished since they are waiting to be photographed or are being test knitted or are in the middle of pattern writing. We have a photoshoot on next Sunday and at least one pattern is coming on March. And there is some test knitting coming soon!

Here a few WIP shots:

Tässä muutama kuva työn alla olevista projekteista. Osa odottaa valokuvaamista, osaa testineulotaan, osan ohje on vielä kirjoituksen alla. Sunnuntaina mennään kuvaamaan ja maaliskuun puolella ainakin yksi uusi ohje on tulossa. Testineulottavaa  on siis tulossa taas pian. 


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