Advent Calendar, Day 13: Talitha Kuomi

Meiju Knits Advent Calendar, Day 13: Talitha Kuomi

(Photo Talitha Kuomi)

Talitha has published in several magazines and publications, her accessory focused design portfolio is huge. Her designs are funky, sophisticated and cool. You can find lots of small projects that would be perfect last minute gifts. 

Ravelry name: talithakuomi
Designer name: talitha kuomi

About: From talitha’s window, you can look down into the yard she played in as a girl. if you sit on the bottom porch step, you can look up at the stars of orion’s belt hovering above the garage. somewhere between created space and childhood, you can find her in the kitchen curled up in the tangerine velvet chair knitting something new as her kids are growing up right before her very eyes.


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