Advent Calendar Day 5: Darleen Hopkins

Meiju Knits Advent Calendar 2015, Day 5: Darleen Hopkins

(Photo by Darleen Hopkins)

This time I will feature a crochet designer Darleen Hopkins. She has a very cute portfolio of all kinds of  lovely, cute and funny accessories. Some of her designs have been published in Crochet Today!, Crochetvolution, Tangled, Crochet 1-2-3 and ILikeCrochet. Her designs are fun, easy and family-oriented. 

Ravelry name: DarleenHopkins 
Designer name: Darleen Hopkins (off Ravelry, Crochet by Darleen Hopkins) 
Link to your designer page on Ravelry:

Darleen Hopkins lives in north Georgia (US) with her husband and two boys. She began crocheting in 2005 as something to keep her hands busy-better than snacking! and hasn’t stopped. Crochet designing is a passion, second only to her family.


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