Advent Calendar Day 15: Faye Kennington

Meiju Knits Advent Calendar, Day 15: Faye Kennington

(Photo by Faye Kennington)

Faye Kennington is one of the designers behind Gift-A-Long event. This is something that these designers do without any payment and as voluntary. Me and I believe that other designers too are really grateful for all the effort, time and input that GAL organizers put into this event. Faye's designs are colorful, eclectic and quick-knits. If you still have a few gifts to do, choose e.g. Faye's (2 Hour) Artist's Loop 

Ravelry name: UkeeKnits 
Designer name: Faye Kennington 
Link to your designer page on Ravelry:

About: Faye Kennington is an obsessive knitter that lives on the West Coast of Vancouver Island. She wanted to be a Shoe Designer when she was growing up and went to Fashion Design School in her early years. Yet somehow, she worked as a Human Resources Manager in the Engineering Industry for 10 years. It turns out that a background in speadsheets and fashion is a good combination for a knitwear designer.

Faye Kennington has been involved with the Indie Design Gift-a-long since the moment in 2013 when organizers began discussing the need for graphic marketing components. For the past 3 years, she has helped coordinate the graphics for advertising and organize a variety of social media promotional activities for the GAL.

She thinks the best thing about the Indie Design Gift-a-long is the opportunity for Participating Designers to make connections and support each other. Every year she has made new friends in the design community. The chances to work a team can be few and far between for an independent designer and the gift-a-long provides that feeling of camaraderie and group synergy that can be hard to emulate as a party of one.


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