Advent Calendar Day 18: Diana Rozenshteyn

Meiju Knits Advent Calendar Day 18: Diana Rozenshteyn

(Photo by Diana Rozenshteyn)

Diana makes beautifully classical, elegant and yet modern and very wearable shawl. If you are a fast knitter, you still have time to do one shawl for Xmas!

Ravelry name: deenulya 
Designer name: Diana Rozenshteyn 

Diana tells about herself: I learned to knit as a teenager and after a long pause I picked up knitting needles again in 2007 and now cannot put them down. I enjoy knitting shawls, lace projects and seamless garments. I started to publish my designs in 2010 under the name of Sunny with a Chance of Knitting. I am originally from Minsk, Belarus, but have been living in Southern California for 23 years with my husband and two kids.


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